Generate atlas

This module holds helper routines that are not part of the main package.

Examples for this are:

- Routines that were written for a specific cluster and are not 
  generalized yet.
- I/O routines that are not directly related to the YSOVAR database
  (e.g. reading the IDL .sav files that Rob Gutermuth uses).

Import Robs Spitzer data

read Rob’s IDL format and make it into a a catalog, deleting multiple columns and adding identifiers


filepath : string

Path to a directory that holds the output of the ClusterGrinder pipeline. All files need to have standard names. Specifically, this routine reads:

  • cg_merged_srclist_mips.sav
  • cg_classified.sav

cat : astropy.table.Table

Table with 2MASS ans Spitzer magnitudes and the clustergrinder classification.

YSOVAR.misc.spectra_check(infos, ra, dec, files, night_id, radius)